As homes become smaller, so do amenities, like fireplaces.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the median square footage of a newly built single-family home is 2,203, the smallest it’s been since 2011. But smaller homes don’t mean you need to skimp on features high on homebuyers’ wish lists.

Fireplace manufacturers have responded to the trend of shrinking living quarters by offering slimmer, more minimalist designs.

“They’re not only smaller in physical dimension, but equipped with efficient gas burners with generous turn-down ratios to deliver the right amount of heat for the space and season,” writes European Home in a recent blog post. “Our minimalist aesthetic – clean, unadorned lines that frame the beauty of the fire like the horizon does a sunset – is in perfect harmony with the ‘less is more’ movement.”

Where physical limitations prevent venting, the manufacturer recommends its G Series customizable vent-free burner. Likewise, Cupido 50 by Element4, packs a lot of style into a frame that measures only 23 ¼ inches wide and less than 12 inches front to back.

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