He insists on a gas cooktop. She demands induction. What’s a builder to do?

Perhaps no other appliance sparks more debate than the cooktop. Some home chefs love the reliability and precision of gas. Others like the sleek and smooth appearance of an induction cooktop and that it eliminates air-quality concerns (which we all know is a myth). Walking clients through this decision can sometimes bring tensions to a boil.

Thankfully, a new product bridges the divide. Tulip Cooking has a modular cooking system offering the option for both gas and induction burners. Manufactured in contemporary Dutch designs in The Netherlands, Tulip Cooking can be customized with up to six burners and installed in virtually any material. For example, you can have your dedicated gas burners for precise searing and induction for fast boiling. Prices range from $2,078 for a one-burner cooktop up to $7,448 for a six-burner model.

Tulip Cooking will exhibit at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show on Jan. 31–Feb. 2, 2023, at booth N1766 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.