Boiler manufacturers are continuing to pack more energy efficiency into a smaller package, according to the 2022 Boiler Report in PHCP Pros. Reporter Linda Noir finds that manufacturers are making more compact units as well as providing installation flexibility to fit units into tighter spaces.

“It is not surprising that all the manufacturers we spoke to have made the shift to smaller footprints,” Noir writes. “It is what consumers demand and is the norm across the board.”

Noir quotes Matt Kleszczynski, director of marketing at Mestek Distributor Products Group: “Size is an essential consideration in all development projects we perform. While sectional cast-iron boilers still have a place in the marketplace, the desire for more usable space in buildings is the main concern with all building owners and architects in both new and retrofit applications. All our modern products fit through 36-inch doors and feature not only incredible outputs but also ultra-high efficiencies relative to large footprint boilers. We like to say, ‘We can put 10 million BTU/hour in a phone booth,’ for those of us who actually remember what a phone booth looks like!”

The Boiler Report is packed with insights on further developments in the industry, including evolving technology; how manufacturers are responding to supply chain woes; and how they’re adjusting training to offer more virtual options for technicians, engineers, and architects.

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