Taking the time to clean and maintain mowers before winter starts can help ensure equipment is ready to roll off the trailer come springtime, and contractors are likely familiar with the steps to take to winterize mowers. In addition to performing basic maintenance on mowers, such as changing oil, replacing filters, cleaning the machine, and sharpening mower blades, gasoline requires several additional steps to prepare a mower for winter storage that propane simply does not need:

  1. For gasoline-powered mowers, contractors will need to add a fuel stabilizer to gasoline tanks because the fuel will otherwise become stale within just a couple weeks.
  2. Top off the fuel tank with gasoline and, in a well-ventilated area, run the mower to distribute the fuel stabilizer throughout the fuel system.

Contractors using propane mowers can skip these steps entirely. Propane won’t spoil in storage, so preparing an engine is as easy as removing the propane cylinder from the machine. No fuel stabilizer is required and cylinders can be held in a secure storage cage until needed.

Additionally, contractors don’t have to worry about damage from ethanol contamination as propane contains no ethanol.