Whether you’re new to propane or familiar with it from past projects, you may not know about all the ways propane can make your building perform better and more efficiently. The interactive Virtual Propane Buildings tool will help you discover the propane-fueled applications and amenities best suited for your specific building type.

School administrators, for instance, have enough to worry about with ever-tightening budgets. Schools fueling their buildings and vehicles with propane can drastically cut down on their utility bills while using trustworthy systems that ensure vital applications won’t fail at an inopportune time. The interactive tool allows you to explore a school’s propane systems and go inside a propane-fueled restaurant, hotel, and pharmacy.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or want to see how propane fits into a new type of project, tour through these four buildings to see how propane can cut energy costs and improve performance.

Check out the tool.