A new collection of resources is aimed at helping commercial building professionals like you evaluate and maximize tankless water heating in your projects. Whether you need a quick introduction to the technology or you’re ready for an in-depth dive into the performance considerations for your building, these resources provide a variety of entry points to advance your knowledge of commercial water heating.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Tankless Water Heating collects our most valuable resources on commercial tankless water heating in a comprehensive format to make it simpler to evaluate whether this exciting technology is right for your project. It provides an overview of tankless technology basics and recent innovations in commercial systems. It includes research and training on why more commercial buildings are going tankless and highlights case studies that illustrate the real-world potential of these systems.

For a guided overview of tankless technology in commercial buildings, check out our new motion graphic video. The animation provides a fascinating visual look at how businesses are achieving significant space savings and energy savings with tankless water heaters.

Ready to see what a tankless water-heating installation might look like for your specific project type? Our infographic on sizing commercial tankless water heating provides a quick and straightforward guide with examples of how propane tankless water heaters can solve water-heating challenges for various building types.

For the master’s class on commercial tankless water heating (and an opportunity to earn continuing education credits), enroll in the Propane Training Academy’s Propane Tankless Water Heating in Commercial Building Applications: Efficiency and Performance Benefits. Designed for pros with an understanding of commercial water-heating systems, it provides an in-depth exploration of how commercial buildings use energy and the potential application of propane tankless systems to provide a solution for water-heating needs.

With the data and insights in this collection, you’ll be ready to select a water-heating system that maximizes space, efficiency, occupant comfort, and the overall performance of your buildings.