Contractors are always on the lookout for jobsite equipment that reduces costs and improves environmental performance. In Contractor Supply magazine, Jeremy Wishart, director of off-road business development at the Propane Education & Research Council, offers his outlook on how demand for construction equipment will change in the year ahead.

“One trend we’ve been seeing for several years is a move toward more sustainable construction processes and environmentally responsible jobsites,” Wishart says. “As the public and construction employees demand environmental accountability on construction projects to protect both local ecosystems and their own health, propane’s reduced emissions and clean operation will continue to gain attention.”

Other trends that Wishart is seeing include a move toward fuels that offer more resilience and equipment that can meet emissions regulations without additional fluids or filters. Overall, he says, equipment manufacturers are exploring options beyond diesel for light construction equipment. From light towers and towable propane generators to smaller portable generators and heaters, propane fuels a variety of equipment that makes tasks on your jobsite cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable.

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