You can’t give your clients the dexterity to perfectly dice an onion or the taste to know how much to season a broth. But you can give them a kitchen layout and appliances that make them more efficient and productive when they’re cooking. In the Summit Daily, designer Lauren Ruehring, president of Kitchenscapes, tells Kim Fuller that a high-functioning kitchen keeps the necessary tools tucked away in their own space but accessible at an arm’s reach. “We employ a variety of specialized storage products for spices and oils, cooking utensils, and dishware that marry aesthetic beauty and organization,” she says. “We love designing a kitchen that incorporates the dining area and a bar with wine storage. The result is a kitchen that is stress-free and a joy to use while warmly welcoming friends and family.”

For cooking appliances, Adrienne Rynes, director of design for Collective Design + Furnishings, says two ovens is a must so that a home cook can work on multiple dishes at different temperatures. And when it comes to the stovetop, she prefers gas. “I find that gas stove tops allow for more even cooking — they provide an interface where you can adjust the temperature quickly, and I can easily assess the heat-level by simply looking at the flame.”

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Published December 11, 2018