Talk about a win-win proposition.

The Propane Exceptional Product program, launched by the Propane Education & Research Council in October 2011, is an incentive-based demonstration program that’s designed to encourage construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses to adopt new propane-fueled products for residential and commercial use. The program provides financial incentives of up to $10,000 toward the purchase and use of eligible products. In exchange, program participants agree to share information on the use of the product with PERC and other program partners.

Currently, eligible products include two types of technologies: premium generator sets and combined heat and power (CHP) systems.

One of the primary purposes of PERC is to research, develop, and demonstrate the effectiveness of new propane equipment in homes and businesses. As part of this effort, PERC is seeking a limited number of construction professionals, homeowners, and businesses to participate in this novel program.

Data collection is a key element of the Propane Exceptional Product program. Participants are required to track data regarding production performance such as fuel consumption, hours of operation, and cost savings and make this information available to PERC and its representatives. This feedback and performance data will be compiled and summarized for equipment manufacturers for product improvements and future research and development.

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