The Propane Education & Research Council is a check-off program established, governed, and funded by the propane industry to finance and promote educational outreach, research and development, and safety and training efforts. Propane is best known as a fuel for cooking and home heating, but propane autogas is a long-established fuel for vehicles, too. From commercial work trucks, to bi-fuel police cruisers, to delivery vans used to transport food or linens, a variety of fleet owners are reducing emissions and increasing profits with propane autogas.

Many of PERC’s online tools and resources were specifically created to help the growing number of fleets on the road today find success with propane autogas. Here are a few of PERC’s most popular online resources:

Peer Success Stories
PERC has multiple written case studies and video testimonials that showcase the successes companies across the United States have had operating fleets of various size and type with propane autogas. Light- and medium-duty truck fleets, delivery vans, school buses, and public transit shuttles and buses are all represented in this comprehensive online library.

Propane Autogas Calculator
PERC’s Propane Autogas Calculator is a great cost comparison tool that you can use to compare propane autogas operation and maintenance costs to similar gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Safety and Training Resources
PERC offers fleets state-of-the-art training and safety materials available for download to help managers, drivers, and technicians handle and use propane autogas properly. PERC has also partnered with the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium on additional training courses. View the course list.