Docket 17155: Consumer Safety Messaging 2011

  • Organization: Mid-Atlantic PREF
  • Applicant: Jonathan Williams
  • State/Region: Delaware
  • Project Start Date: 01/01/11
  • Project End Date: 12/31/11
  • Replicated Rebate: Docket 17092
  • Estimated Total Project Cost: $13,000.00
  • Total Amount Awarded: $13,000.00
  • Award Date: 02/07/11

Project Summary

Deploy existing PERC-produced 30 second taggable radio PSAs. Qualifying safety messages will be PERC-created: Winter Storm Safety in Northern Climates, Propane Heating Systems and Appliances, Propane Safe Grilling at the Football Stadium, Safe Grilling at the Race Track, Safe Grilling in the Back Yard, Small Cylinder Safety.

Statement of the Project

MAPGA proposes to use from PERC/submit for PERC approval, a series of 30 second consumer safety radio announcements. State created announcements will be created using existing PERC consumer safety messages that have been vetted by industry and legal professionals; this will ensure consistent messaging nationwide. Funds will be used for the purchase of airtime, not for the creation of radio spots or talent fees. MAPGA proposes to purchase and disseminate the following PERC duty-to-warn materials: Propane Safety booklet or the Important Propane Safety Information for You and Your Family brochure, either in English or Spanish.

Cost Benefit Analysis

This project will allow state propane foundations to direct our ads in a way that will advance the industry's safety messages, as well as disseminate important safety messages to propane consumers. This initiative seeks to increase consumer awareness on propane safety issues to help preclude incidents and accidents. The consumer safety messages will also reach a greater number of people via the state radio airwaves.

Evaluation Statement

The program will be evaluated on its ability to reach the state's propane customers. The consumer safety messaging program will also be evaluated on the amount of media impressions run by MAPGA and the amount of new materials disseminated by propane marketers to its customers. It is also important to note how the addition of partnership money to this program can increase safety messaging visibility by allowing for more dollars to be spent on the placement of radio spots.

Budget and Statement of Costs

Budget must include break out all expenses (not just partnership dollars) associated with project. $12,000.00 for radio buys for the PERC Developed consumer safety messages. Purchase and dissemination of PERC duty-to-warn materials, limited to the Propane Safety booklet or the Important Propane Safety Information for You and Your Family brochure, either in English or Spanish. $ 1,000.00 for the administrative/project management fee: research on radio stations with correct demographic and geographic reach to MAPGA market, placement and payment of spots. Total: $13,000.00 There are no other funds to be used for this project.