There’s a lot to celebrate when it comes to propane – its resiliency and reliability as an energy source, the environmental benefits it provides, and the hardworking members of the propane industry. October 7th marks the first National Propane Day as a day to recognize all the great things about propane.

Matt Blashaw is a contractor, realtor, and co-host of the HGTV show “Build it Forward”. He chooses propane for his construction projects because it’s a clean energy source that his customers can rely on.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with PERC this year to talk about all the ways propane is making an impact on people’s lives,” Matt said in a video commemorating National Propane Day. “I’ve seen firsthand how propane can help communities remain resilient following natural disasters like Hurricane Ian or the tornado that swept through my community not so long ago.”

Propane’s reliability coupled with fact that using propane produces 43% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than using an equivalent amount of grid electricity makes it a smart choice for Matt and the millions of Americans who use propane every day.

The benefits of propane are significant on their own, but the people who bring propane into their communities help make it the Energy for Everyone. The members of the propane industry work hard to ensure families stay comfortable in their homes and that businesses are running smoothly, and they serve their customers with smiles on their faces.

On National Propane Day, PERC celebrates the benefits of propane and applauds the individuals who make our industry safe, reliable and customer-oriented. Learn more about National Propane Day and the benefits of propane.