Schools That Use Propane

Propane autogas buses are making an impact for schools across the country. Click on the individual states below to see how many propane autogas buses are in operation and how many school districts and private contractors are operating propane autogas buses in your state. To learn how much more a state can reduce emissions by switching to propane autogas buses, download its PDF infographic.

Learn More by Region

Why are schools switching to propane autogas buses? Download the fact sheet for your region of the country to learn why — and see how much you could reduce NOx emissions and save money for your district.

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Watch: Why Schools Continue Choosing Propane Autogas

In 2017, Blue Bird delivered its 10,000th propane autogas school bus. Propane autogas is a mainstream fuel for school transportation, and its popularity continues to spread. Watch the video below to hear more about the milestone and the future of propane autogas buses.