Advantages of Conversions 

Fleets don’t have to wait until they are ready to purchase new vehicles to switch to clean, affordable propane autogas. Vehicles that are converted to bi-fuel propane autogas realize the same benefits as those that are OEM-dedicated. Propane autogas provides fleets the lowest total cost-of-ownership, reduced emissions, tailored refueling strategies, and more uptime compared with other fuels. Not only is propane autogas a proven and trusted alternative fuel, but over 60 percent of the propane autogas vehicles that are on the road today were converted with a certified aftermarket bi-fuel system.

Get Started

Download the complete list of certified propane autogas systems to see if your desired conversion is available. Then contact the listed Manufacturer of Record (MOR) to locate a qualified conversion partner in your area. Your conversion is in good hands when you work with a trusted conversion partner: