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You already know the benefits that propane autogas delivers—like cost savings, operational advantages, and lower emissions. Now, it’s time to put those same advantages to work for your own fleet.

There are several things to consider when choosing the right fuel solution for your business, such as vehicle offerings, conversion options, general maintenance requirements, and infrastructure. Whether you’re brand new to propane autogas, just beginning to research all the fuel options available, or on the fence about switching to propane autogas, we’ve made it easier for you with these resources.

No matter where you’re at in the decision to switch to propane autogas, we are here to assist you. Simply fill out the form below to request additional information tailored to your specific circumstance, ask questions, or learn how to get your fleet started—and our team will contact you.

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An increasing number of propane marketers are choosing propane autogas when they specify and purchase vehicles. Propane autogas fuel system technology continues to improve, eliminating many of the challenges associated with diesel and gasoline.

  • Reliable performance in cold weather.
  • Reduced downtime, maintenance, and repair bills.
  • EPA- and CARB-certified conversion options.

Propane autogas vehicles for the industry include bobtails, service trucks, rack trucks, and other EPA- and CARB-certified light- to medium-heavy duty vehicles in both OEM dedicated and aftermarket bi-fuel models. Converting all propane marketer vehicles to propane autogas creates the potential for over 233 million additional gallons per year. Making the choice to transition your company’s vehicles to propane autogas will reduce your annual costs for fuel, maintenance, and repairs. In turn, you dramatically lower your overall total cost-of-ownership which frees up more capital to invest in your customers and your business. If your fleet isn’t running on propane autogas yet, it’s easy to get started. Learn more about EPA- and CARB-certified fuel systems for OEM vehicles and aftermarket vehicle conversions, or download the resources below to learn more.


System Certification: What You Need to Know
Read more about the importance of converting fleet vehicles to propane autogas using certified conversion kits, and the consequences of relying on uncertified systems.
Bobtail Specification Sheet
Get the details you need about propane autogas bobtails here.
Powering Our Industry and Fleets
Find out the propane autogas offerings available for a wide variety of industry fleet vehicles.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Superior Plus Propane Case Study
Industry fleets have a lot to gain from using propane autogas including significant maintenance and fuel cost savings.
Eastern Propane & Oil Testimonial
This family-owned business has been using propane autogas vehicles in its own fleet for over 50 years.
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CHS Program Testimonial
Read how one of the nation's largest propane wholesalers is incentivizing marketers to add propane vehicles.
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Delta Liquid Energy Testimonial
Meet a family-owned business powering most of its fleet on propane autogas to continue keeping its costs in check.
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Blossman Testimonial
This marketer partnered with a conversion center to successfully update its fleet to propane autogas.
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AltoGas Testimonial
This marketer uses its own propane autogas fleet to inspire the communities it services to invest in the fuel.
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