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Path to Zero
1.06 - Renewable Propane as the Fuel of the Future

Joy AlafiaIn this episode of Path to Zero, Host Tucker Perkins welcomes Joy Alafia, former president and CEO of the Western Propane Gas Association, to discuss renewable propane as the clean and sustainable fuel of the future.

Joy has spent much of her career in association management encompassing governance, program management, membership development, public relations and marketing. During her tenure at the Western Propane Gas Association, Joy was living and working in Sacramento, putting her at the epicenter of California’s energy policy scene and helping to further multiple initiatives related to alternative auto fuels (autogas), individual consumer markets, agricultural and commercial use and propane safety.

show notes

Recent trends across states, communities, regulators and government agencies show a commitment to address climate change, which has led to all types of energy sources becoming cleaner.

Many consumers may not be aware of renewable propane, which is derived either from animal fat or vegetable oil, both of which are sustainable. At the point of combustion, renewable propane is carbon neutral, meaning no new carbon is added to the atmosphere when renewable propane is burned.

For over 100 years, propane has consistently delivered cleaner energy than other fossil fuels in traditional markets. Renewable propane is a fairly new concept.

NExBTL plant Neste Oil, Maasvlakte, Netherlands in commission for Technip

The world’s first large-scale renewable propane production facility in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Image courtesy: Neste

From a worldwide perspective, Europe has been leading the way on renewable propane for the rest of the world, with Neste Oil as the first facility to produce renewable propane at a commercial volume. This shows promise as a realistic solution in the United States.

This podcast dives into how renewable propane stands to benefit the industry, the consumer and the climate.