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Path to Zero
6.02 - The Evolution of ESG and the Intersection between Climate and Social Justice with Reuters Journalist Sharon Kits Kimathi

In this episode, you’ll hear about a new way to stay on top of the latest news on climate change impacts and solutions. Our guest joining us from London is Sharon Kits Kimathi, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and Energy Editor at Reuters. She created and manages the content for the Reuters Sustainable Switch newsletter, which covers how companies and governments are grappling with climate change, diversity, and human rights. Reuters is one of the largest and most trusted news agencies in the world with more than 2,500 journalists covering the news.

She acknowledges that ESG has become a polarizing topic. “I stick to the impartial and the objective elements to ESG using scientific research, market trends, and initiatives,” says Kits Kimathi. “If you read Sustainable Switch, then you’ll see that I try and maintain the line between objectivity and any sort of bias.”

Sharon joined the global news agency after a 10-month stint as the Inclusive Economies Editor at the Thomson Reuters Foundation and spent two years as the Editor of Informa’s FinTech Futures and Banking Technology magazine – a business-to-business financial publication.

She is a law graduate from the University of Sussex and previously worked as a paralegal and compliance associate at Reed Smith LLP and Goldman Sachs.

Key takeaways and insights from Tucker’s interview with Sharon Kits Kimathi:

  • The goal of Reuters Sustainable Switch newsletter: To provide easily accessible information to a wide range of audiences, from industry leaders to students.
  • The evolution of ESG as a concept, transitioning from a business-focused approach to one emphasizing environmental sustainability.
  • The willingness of consumers to spend more on eco-friendly products if they know the money is going towards a good cause.
  • The importance of companies being motivated by more than just profit margins and considering long-term sustainability.
  • The different approaches to sustainability between Europe and America: Europe tends to focus on regulations, while America prioritizes financial investments in sustainable solutions.

In this episode, Tucker also tells listeners how they can pre-order his upcoming book, also called Path to Zero. Tucker jumps to the year 2050 in the book and looks back on how we achieved a net zero carbon future with the insight of many of the 100 guests interviewed on this podcast. Path to Zero can be pre-ordered right now on Amazon or wherever you buy your books. It will be formally launched in September during Climate Week in New York City.


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