Path to Zero
Path to Zero
5.25 - Driving Innovation to Decarbonize Utilities with Emerson’s Robert Yeager

Tucker discusses the key drivers behind the decarbonization of power with the President of Power and Water Solutions for Emerson at the Reuters Energy Transition Summit in Houston.

Robert Yeager oversees the company’s strategy and digital transformation initiatives for the electric power, water and wastewater industries, helping customers to optimize operations, protect personnel and reach sustainability targets.

Emerson is a global technology and software company providing innovative solutions for the world’s essential industries.

Yeager is instrumental in creating Emerson’s digital control platform and automation technology for renewable energy.

Key takeaways and insights from Tucker’s interview with Emerson’s Robert Yeager:

  • The two key drivers for global decarbonization:
    1. Social and Environmental: Passionate feelings about climate change are putting pressure on industries to reduce carbon emissions.
    2. Regulatory: New U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules aimed at cutting air, water and land pollution from fossil fuel-fired power plants.
  • Emerson’s control systems play a crucial role in improving power generation efficiency and coordination.
  • Emerson automates more than 1.4 million MW of total global power, including 500,000 mw in the United States.
  • The company’s leadership in automating wind turbines contributes to optimizing their performance and preventing damage.
  • The future of energy storage. Emerson is involved with both hydrogen and battery storage technology, including a project to create hydrogen in Utah and store it in caverns until electricity is needed.
  • The economic viability of smaller-scale nuclear reactors.

Emerson helps utilities and other industries digitally transform operations and meet sustainability goals.
(Photo courtesy: Emerson)