Recently, the New York Times reported on transitioning gas stoves to induction stoves as a solution for addressing indoor air quality. Instead of focusing on the actual stoves, sustainability experts should challenge builders to ensure homes are being built with the best ventilating systems available today. 

Electricity is a vital part of our homes, and that’s not going to change. However, it’s time for industry experts to acknowledge there are some gaping holes with the electrify everything movement, including high cost and most importantly, the grid’s lack of infrastructure to carry the increased load on the electric system. Additionally, in most parts of the country, replacing the direct use of gas with electricity in a home increases greenhouse gas emissions since gas has a lower carbon intensity than electricity from the grid. 

If America truly wants to begin decarbonizing today, then it needs to accept a wide path approach that includes a variety of clean energy solutions, including gas, which is generally preferred by chefs and home cooks alike.

-Tucker Perkins, President and CEO, Propane Education and Research Council