The unsafe handling of propane can result in a serious or fatal injury to a worker, customer, or the public. Practicing safe work habits is a positive step to preventing accidents and injury. Safety is the responsibility of all employees.

When necessary, you must wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, safety shoes, safety glasses, and hard hats to eliminate on-the-job accidents. Using personal protective equipment requires hazard awareness and knowledge of the equipment’s purpose, limitations, proper fit, and maintenance.

OSHA requires the use of PPE during operations that present the risk of injury to employees that cannot be eliminated by engineering or process procedures.:

  • Determining the use and selection of PPE.
  • Training you and all employees to properly use and care for PPE.
  • Documenting employee training and use of PPE.

In return, employees are required to properly utilize and care for the PPE that has been assigned.

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