How Propane Keeps Workers Safer

Proven Clean Fuel

Propane is an approved clean energy source under the Clean Air Act of 1990; it will not contaminate air, water, or soil resources. Due to its reduced emissions compared with conventional fuels, it's safer to operate propane equipment indoors.

Smarter, Safer Equipment

Many propane equipment models include built-in carbon monoxide detectors that automatically shut off the equipment in the event of unsafe CO levels.

Contained and Protected

The closed-loop system in propane equipment ensures the fuel can't be spilled. Propane cylinders are twenty times more puncture resistant than gasoline and diesel tanks, keeping the fuel where it belongs. Propane also has a smaller flammability range than other alternative fuels, like ethanol and natural gas, reducing the likelihood of ignition in the event of a leak.

can you spot carbon monoxide exposure?

Know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning so you’re prepared to take action.


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equipment that runs cleaner

Propane is already trusted to run a variety of equipment for indoor work like material handling and concrete finishing, to outdoor applications like mowers and more — all while reducing harmful emissions.

And remember, proper equipment maintenance is critical for safe, effective performance. Always follow the equipment manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.