Reliable Energy for Homes and Businesses

The climbing costs of electricity, coupled with increasing power outages, have consumers and businesses searching for options that are more affordable and reliable. Propane-powered combined heat & power (CHP) units are more than that — they’re also more efficient, slashing utility bills while producing far less harmful emissions, making it a better option for everyone, including your customers.

What is propane CHP?

Propane-powered CHP units use a generator to produce electricity, capturing heat that warms the air and water. The result is reduced energy expenditures, eliminating efficiency losses between power plants and buildings, leading to a lower carbon footprint — an environmentally friendly, affordable, and reliable energy source that won’t go down with the electric grid.

Ready & Resilient: Where CHP Works Best

The value of CHP and micro-CHP units can be found nationwide, wherever resiliency, electric grid independence, and preparedness meet. From a savings perspective, this map shows the top 20 states (based on 2020 sales) where CHP makes the most financial sense.


CHP Systems Eliminate Efficiency Losses and Lead to a Reduced Carbon Footprint

Propane-powered CHP and micro-CHP units far outpace the efficiency and emissions of traditional heating or water-heating systems, surpassing energy savings from even the most efficient boilers.


Micro-CHP Capacity Ranges

1–3 kW

Single-Family Home (1800-2500 sq. ft.)

50 kW–1 MW

Large Commercial and Industrial Applications

(Warehousing, Manufacturing, Utility Power)

3–10 kW

Single-Family Home With Greater Loads (Pool Heat)

Multi-Family Commercial / Light Industrial

Large CHP Capacity Ranges

10–50 kW

Residential Apartment Buildings

Commercial / Industrial (Restaurants)

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