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Path to Zero
4.12 - Hydrogen: Hope or Hype? With Author John Armstrong

This episode of Path to Zero is all about Hydrogen. The energy is viewed by many to be THE energy answer to climate change and the surest path to net zero carbon emissions. Our guest is an energy expert who is going to help us dig into the future challenges and opportunities with hydrogen.

John Armstrong is the author of the book, The Future of Energy: Hydrogen, Hope or Hype? The book is accessible to anyone interested in learning more about the future of hydrogen.

About John Armstrong

John Armstrong is an engineer whose career has spanned the extremes of the energy industry – giving him a front-row seat on the energy roller-coaster. He began his career constructing oil refineries before moving to work across fossil and renewable electricity generation. More recently John has been leading the growth of decentralized energy.

He’s the author of several books on the energy transition, including his latest, The Future of Energy: The 2023 guide to the energy transition.

John is a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, a member of the Energy Institute and has an MBA in Global Energy. John regularly writes and speaks about the future of energy. He lives in Bath in the United Kingdom.

In The Future of Energy: Hydrogen, Armstrong brings together his thoughts on the potential for hydrogen technology and takes readers through an unbiased look at hydrogen right from production to consumption, guiding the reader through the technology at each step and finally looking at how this might work in a broader system.

“Do I think hydrogen is going to happen or not. I think hydrogen is already happening,” Armstrong tells Tucker. “The really important question is…Where will hydrogen play a part in the energy transition, and which sectors will it have an impact on at the moment? There’s already seventy million tons of hydrogen manufactured in the world a year. So, hydrogen isn’t going away anytime soon.”