propane autogas cuts more emissions

The Volkswagen Mitigation Trust was established to help fleets invest in technology that reduces NOx emissions. You may apply for a portion of the funds to incorporate cleaner technology, like propane autogas buses, into your fleet. If you’re looking for reliable energy that truly cuts emissions, switch to propane autogas. In a real-world study conducted by West Virginia University, propane autogas buses were found to cut 96 percent more NOx emissions compared with clean diesel buses.

Source: 2018 West Virginia University Center for Alternative Fuels Engines and Emissions study comparing 2015 LPG Blue Bird school bus (6.8L, 10 Cylinder) with 2014 ultra-low sulfur diesel Blue Bird school bus (6.7L, 6 Cylinder).

Calculate NOx Reductions Accurately

Before you apply for VW Settlement funds, you’ll want to score potential fuel choices based on the amount of NOx emissions they could reduce. The most accurate tool to calculate emissions reductions from propane autogas is the AFLEET HDV Emissions Calculator. Compared to the EPA’s Diesel Emissions Quantifier tool, the AFLEET calculator:

  • Provides more detail and user definitions.
  • Integrates state-specific alternative fuel engine data, idle rates, and emissions factors (instead of using national levels).
  • Accounts for in-use NOx emissions.

Get started calculating your NOx reductions with the AFLEET tool.



available mitigation funds in your state

The steps for submitting your application for funds vary by state. For details on how to get started, hover over your state to learn more, or view information on all states.