With the Technical School Grant Program, you can earn extra funding to give students enhanced, real-world experience with propane, and better prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. Through this program, you can receive up to $10,000 of grant money by incorporating a provided curriculum into your program, and completing a few other requirements like acquiring specific propane tools and equipment that will take hands-on learning to new heights.

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Program Guidelines & Requirements


Give your students an elevated, hands-on learning experience, and more career opportunities after graduation, with a propane specific curriculum and the chance to outfit your classroom lab with propane related equipment. Apply today to take advantage of PERC’s Technical School Grant Program.


To qualify for selection into the program, you must meet the following criteria:

You are a representative from an educational institution or career center (tech schools, community colleges, etc.) in the United States of America, that is at least 18 years of age, that is willing and able to expand your class curriculum to include propane specific material and hands on resources.

There is a limit of one grant awarded per school.


The Technical School Grant Program’s success lies solely in the installation of propane equipment and tools in classrooms across the country where the propane curriculum, HVAC and Plumber Technical Training, is being incorporated and certifications are being sought.

Scope of Work

  • Outfit the training facility in accordance with the PERC specified equipment and tools.
  • Complete a contract and W9. Applicants will receive 1099s.
  • Identify/Appoint a “Propane Advisor” who:
    • May be a local propane marketer or state propane foundation/association staff member.
    • Shall be available to advise and cooperate with the instructor.
    • Shall speak to the class twice during the instruction period.
    • Shall provide sign off on the safe installation of equipment and availability of materials.
  • Provide PERC with the proof of purchase for required equipment.
  • Incorporate HVAC and Plumber Technical Training into your curriculum.
  • *PERC can help appoint this person if you do not have a local propane company in mind.
  • Encourage Students to seek certification through PERC’s Learning Center.
  • Participate in a PERC marketing program highlighting receipt of the grant.
  • Participate in a PERC communications and outreach program to promote the technical school grant program and the recipients to others.
  • Attend a Train the Trainer training class on the HVAC and Plumber Technical Training curriculum, hosted by PERC.
  • Complete a survey at the end of the program.
    Provide PERC with a written letter from the instructor after the course has been completed to let us know how it went.
  • Provide any photos taken during instruction.
  • Provide information how the school is promoting the availability of the program.


Application period is August 1, 2022- November 30, 2022. Applicants will receive a welcome or denial email in December via email. If you have been accepted into the program, you will receive a welcome packet with all the program components for you to complete.

Accepted applicants will receive 75% of funding up front, remaining 25% at the completion of their program.

The HVAC and Plumber Technical Training course was developed to support a one to two weeklong curriculum, approximately 80 hours, diving deeper into hands-on training in 15 different modules.

All elements of the program need to be completed and sent to PERC by December 31, 2023.


Only new equipment purchases may be eligible under this program. Refurbished or modified equipment will not be considered. Below are the specifics for the propane equipment you will need to obtain.

PERC will provide you a physical copy of the HVAC and Plumber Technical Training course, as well as a USB with five supplemental videos, instructor tools, and curriculum.

PERC will also provide grantees with a Propane Regulator Test and Demo Training Board. This includes a 2-stage system, and integral 2-stage regulator, and an integral 2 psi regulator with an appliance regulator. The system must be able to demonstrate three different types of leak checks, flow, and lockup of each regulator in the system, and be able to demonstrate undersized gas piping and/or regulator issues. The supply source can be compressed air or other inert gas.

To support the curriculum, grantees are required to purchase this comprehensive set of tools, supplies, and appliances:

  1. One propane regulator cutaway: Either an integral 2-stage or a 2nd stage.
  2. Pressure measuring device: Water manometer with range up to 16″ w.c., 0-300 psi gauge and a 0-30 psi gauge.
  3. Liquid leak detector solution.
  4. Gas pipe, tubing, and fittings samples: Black iron pipe, copper tubing and CSST with bonding clamp.
  5. Propane hydrometer and supply source cylinder with proper hose and fittings for liquid transfer outside of a building.
  6. Natural draft propane appliance: Tank water heater, vented fireplace, or space heater.
  7. Category III propane appliance: Central heating or boiler.
  8. Category IV propane appliance: Forced warm air furnace.
  9. Venting components: Single wall pipe, double wall B-vent pipe, stainless steel pipe, PVC, or other category IV vent pipe material.


Add the HVAC And Plumber Technical Training course to your program for a professionally developed study of propane topics. Each course includes videos, quizzes, instructor material, and more.

Tools & Equipment

Get funding for advanced tools that help students learn about propane in a hands-on way, including propane regulator tests, propane hydrometers, and pressure regulating devices.


Grant funds help you acquire propane appliances so students can get a closer look at water heaters, furnaces, boilers, and more.


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