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Docket 21288: Propane Vehicle Incentive Program

  • Organization: Propane Council of Texas
  • Applicant: Jackie Mason
  • State/Region: Texas
  • Project Start Date: 04/28/17
  • Project End Date: 05/18/20
  • Replicated Rebate: Docket 20822
  • Estimated Total Project Cost: $222,887.00
  • State Rebate Funds Awarded: $23,600.00
  • Partnership Funds Awarded: $23,600.00
  • Total Amount Awarded: $47,200.00
  • Award Date: 05/23/17

Project Summary

The Propane Council of Texas will provide incentives for propane-powered vehicles to fleets.

Statement of the Project

The project will award incentives for propane-powered vehicles. All OEM and aftermarket propane autogas vehicles will be EPA and/or CARB certified. Data collected includes a pre-incentive data collection application. Funds may also be used for program promotion, program management, materials and supplies, and other direct costs related to the incentive program.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Incentives will promote more fleets to use propane in vehicles thus growing gallons for our industry.

Evaluation Statement

Each incentive recipient will be required to complete a pre-incentive data collection application. This survey collects applicant information and vehicle information.

Budget and Statement of Costs

$40,000 Vehicle incentives $7,200 Project management & administration $47,200 Total project cost Personnel essential to the project Executive Director ? Official program oversight and guidance Education & Marketing Director ? Drafted and filed replicated rebate funding request. ? Publicizes incentive programs through written briefs, articles, and press releases for publications, website, Fueling Texas blog, social media, email blasts and presentations. ? Under guidance of Executive Director, fields all incentive inquiries ? Reviews mower and vehicle incentive pre-qualifications, reservations, and applications ? Monitors and keeps up with EPA and CARB engine certifications ? Works with Nexight on their data collection efforts ? Monitors project financials and under direction of Executive Director, will prepare the final accounting report. CFO ? Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable ? Serves in financial advisory capacity CPA ? Monitors account activity and also acts in a financial advisory capacity Nexight ? Collects pre-incentive data from incentive recipients