Let's Get To Work.

Everyone has a role in helping our industry move forward, and PERC wants to be your partner in that progress. These are a few of the initiatives we're undertaking this year to help you accomplish your goals, and keep our industry thriving.

The Propane Can Do That Homeowner Campaign
We’re reaching out directly to home buyers and homeowners to tell them that if they want greater comfort, higher efficiency, and lower energy bills, propane can do that. Leverage this campaign in your marketing efforts and start growing your gallons.
Homeowner Resources
Propane Workforce Development Program
We've taken a hard look at how we find and develop fresh talent to join our industry. This new workforce initiative will help us attract a new generation of smart, motivated, and hardworking employees.
Workforce Resources
The Can-Do Marketing Training Series
Our 2018 Can-Do Conference was a huge hit. Now we’re bringing the Can-Do training to you, with information-packed webinars and exciting live events across the country. Take your marketing to the next level with actionable ideas and strategies you can add to your toolbox.
Training & Webinars
New And Updated Safety Materials
Safety isn’t a sometimes thing: in the propane industry, it’s a 24/7 effort. We’re putting a renewed focus on this critical area with updated and shareable videos, safety minutes, and other resources for the industry and our customers.
Safety Materials