Understanding and following the steps and precautions to take when filling portable cylinders can avoid accidents:

Before filling any of the cylinders listed above, be sure to complete the following steps:

  • First, verify that the cylinder is designed to hold propane.
  • Second, verify that the cylinder is free of any defects that require rejection or requalification.
  • Third, check the latest test date to be sure that the cylinder is not due for requalification.

If the cylinder is 40 lb or smaller, used in vapor service (not a horizontal or motor fuel cylinder), and not equipped with an overfilling prevention device (OPD), it cannot be filled in most jurisdictions until an OPD is installed.

Click here to download an audiovisual step-by-step learning activity about how to safely fill portable cylinders by weight. (audio playback starts right away). The activity comes from CETP E-Learning’s Basic Principles & Practices.

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