At Our Amazing Farm, kids can explore a farm, watch science experiments, play games, and learn about safe practices while they’re doing it. Our Amazing Farm is also a great place for parents and educators, where they can teach kids about the safe use of propane on the farm and how producers use this amazing fuel to help feed the world.


Funded by a grant from CHS Inc., in cooperation with the Propane Education & Research Council, Our Amazing Farm is part of a program to make propane and agricultural safety information more engaging and accessible.

Propane Safety & Science Rocks Videos

Meet our hosts Propane Paul and Frankie the Forklift in this series of fun videos about how to stay safe playing and working around the farm. In Science Rocks, join Propane Paul as he explains the science of propane, and shows exciting experiments kids can do with their parents or teachers.

Explore Our Amazing Farm with Gabby

Kids can explore Gabby’s family farm, learn 15 different facts about propane, and see how her father uses it around the farm. Kids can even create their own family farm, just like Gabby’s.

Games And Activities

Play farm BINGOspot the differences between pictures, color in farm scenes, and more with your guide, Sniffy the Dog. Kids will have fun, discover fun facts about propane, and learn about safety along the way.