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Propane Personal Safety: Techniques for personal Injury prevention in the propane industry is a comprehensive training program for all employees in your organization. The program shows both why injury prevention is important and the specific best practices to enable propane marketers to teach and encourage safe work performance. The video illustrates the means in which to safely perform various job tasks in the propane industry along with interviews from managers, owners and technicians. The files include a training manual that enforces the lessons provided in the video, as well as an instructor power point, quizzes, a field evaluation tool and employee coaching documents.


This multi-media program provides you with the tools and techniques you need to make your workplace safe, including:


    • Tools to assess your own personal risks in your daily routines


    • Entering and exiting the truck


    • Techniques to reduce injury through proper body mechanics


    • Ways to prevent slips, trips and falls


    • Handling cylinders


    • Handling 420# cylinders


    • Forklift cylinder delivery


    • Cage deliveries


  • Bulk propane delivery


Products Details:


  • PRC-009412 – DVD/CD set with training video DVD and training documents on CD. Sold as two disk set.
  • 9092-TR-14 – Downloadable PDF files

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