To assist instructors with classroom training the 2019 CETP Instructor Tool includes the current PowerPoint Presentations, Answer key, Instructor Guide, Student manual and a plug-and-play version of the updated e-learning to easily incorporate into classroom training. The programs included on the USB drive include:

  • Refresher Training PowerPoint
  • Basic Principles and Practices of Propane
  • Cylinder Delivery Operations
  • Bobtail Delivery Operations
  • Performing Railcar Product Transfers and Maintaining DOT Intermodal (IM) Tanks
  • Basic Plant Operations
  • Designing and Installing Exterior Vapor Distribution Systems
  • Placing Vapor Distribution Systems and Appliances into Operation
  • Installing Appliances and Interior Vapor Distribution Systems
  • Initial OSHA & DOT First 90-Day Employee Hazmat Training

Please READ the instructions guide, which describes how to use the E-Learning courses in your browser.

Product Code: PRC- 009699

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