This CETP training manual focuses on the design and installation of the exterior portions of a vapor distribution system for both residential and small commercial markets. This course addresses how to select and install containers, prevent corrosion, size and install regulators and meters, and select and install outdoor piping and tubing.

The topics covered are:

  • Designing vapor systems: container and lines
  • Designing vapor distribution systems: regulators and meters
  • Preparing system components for transpor
  • Installing containers
  • Installing lines
  • How to analyze and prevent corrosion
  • Installing regulators and meters
  • Other installations
  • System tests

Related Products:

  • PRC-009401 – printed textbook; sold individually
  • 9056-IT-19 – (Instructor Tools) downloadable PDF files including a PowerPoint presentation, instructor guide and digital book file

E-Learning available at Learn > Use Voucher > 84220 > Voucher Owner: PERC1075
PRC-003004 – NFPA 58, 2017 LP-Gas Code Book
PRC-003014 – NFPA 58, 2017 LP-Gas Handbook
PRC-003002, NFPA 54, 2018 LP-Gas Code Book
PRC-003022 – NFPA 54, 2018 LP-Gas Code Handbook

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