Our industry is constantly changing, so at PERC we’re continually looking at how we adapt to best serve you. This is why we’ve updated and improved the ways we deliver safety training and compliance materials to our workforce. By using the new Learning Center at you can access all our online safety and training materials through PC or your mobile device.

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In response to requests from the industry, we’ve made significant changes to the Certified Employee Training Program (CETP), including:

The redesigned CETP can be found in the Learning Center. Don’t wait to make your training more effective and efficient than ever with these new task-based training modules.

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We’ve also made changes to several other important programs and resources that you’ll find in the Learning Center and the Resource Catalog.

Dispensing Propane Safely

We’ve overhauled this program with new content that’s more relevant to your training needs, including images, videos, animations, and more. (COMING SOON)
HVAC / Plumber Curriculum
This popular, in-depth training program provides a wealth of knowledge to anyone interested in a plumbing or HVAC career.
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The Commercial and Industrial Propane Consumer Safety Booklet
This new product, created for commercial propane users, covers key safety information, and includes a scratch-n-sniff with propane odorant to educate them about the smell.
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