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Propane in Landscaping: Case Studies

Stay Green INC.

Santa Clarita, California — 66 Mowers (Large Fleet)

With a demanding mowing season of 52 weeks, this busy fleet required equipment that could keep up without causing delays for maintenance and costly repairs.


  • On-site dispensing: five total refueling pumps at three locations.
  • Plans to permanently install above ground refueling station at each yard facility with 500- to 1,000-gallon tanks.

Cost Savings

  • Estimated fuel savings of at least 50 percent per gallon of propane compared with gasoline.
  • Saving an estimated 70 percent on maintenance costs compared with that required for gasoline mowers.
  • Saved even more on upfront equipment purchases with help from the Propane Mower Incentive Program.


  • Utilizes propane-powered equipment to reduce their carbon footprint.

Barnes, Inc.

Madison, Wisconsin — 28 Mowers (Medium Fleet)

As a year-round business that cares for over 1,000 residential and commercial properties, this fleet turned to propane to improve their bottom line.


  • On-site refueling.
  • Employees refuel from a 1,000-gallon tank.

Cost Savings

  • Reduced fuel costs compared to using conventional fuels.
  • Improved performance with propane allowed the business to reduce its downtime for repairs.


  • Reduced maintenance issues associated with dirty engines from conventional fuel.

Davis Mowing Service

Sauk City, Wisconsin — 2 Mowers (Small Fleet)

Propane is saving money for this fleet every time they use it. When the time comes, they plan to transition all of their mowers to propane to enjoy even better savings.


  • On-site refueling.
  • Employees refill cylinders from a 500-gallon tank.

Cost Savings

  • Estimated fuel savings of $2.70 per gallon of propane compared with gasoline.
  • Recently won a job after submitting a lower bid in anticipation of fuel cost savings.


  • Seeing opportunity to market fleet’s low emissions status to win more business.
  • Receives additional 50 cents back on fuel for using the 2014 Wisconsin state incentive for clean energy.

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