Use the fuel you know

More and more propane suppliers are choosing propane autogas when they specify and purchase vehicles. Propane autogas fuel system technology continues to improve, eliminating many of the headaches associated with diesel and gasoline.

  • Solid performance in cold weather.
  • Reduced downtime, maintenance and repair bills.
  • Potential fuel savings for the industry of $150 million.

Propane autogas vehicles for the industry include bobtails, service trucks, rack trucks, and other light- to medium-duty vehicles (LDV) in both dedicated and bi-fuel models. Converting all propane supplier vehicles to propane autogas creates the potential for over 233 million additional gallons per year. If your fleet isn’t running on propane autogas yet, it’s easy to get started. Learn more about EPA- and CARB-certified vehicle conversions.

At a time when fuel is a fleet’s highest expense, switching to the low total cost-of-ownership of propane autogas is an easy choice. Download the resources below to learn more.