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Don’t let heating costs cut into your budget any more than necessary. Propane is a clean, efficient fuel that can keep plants, poultry, livestock, and your bottom line healthier. Keep exploring to learn more.

Propane's Uses In Agriculture

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Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of propane building heating are typically found on agricultural operations?

Propane can be used for heating in a variety of different ways. Most commonly, propane is used to power furnaces, boilers, and radiant heaters on agricultural operations.

How can propane-powered heating solutions be used on my farm?

Because of its precise heating capabilities and non-toxic qualities, propane is a great fuel source for heating livestock such as swine and poultry. It is also a great heating source for greenhouses.

What are the first steps for implementing propane building heat on my operation?

Ask your equipment dealer for information on the propane building heaters that they carry, work together to determine your equipment needs, and reach out to a propane supplier in your area to discuss a fueling schedule and contract. Don’t forget to apply for the Propane Farm Incentive Program once your equipment purchase has been confirmed.

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If you’re wondering, “Where can I find a propane supplier near me?” then you’ve come to the right place. Propane is the energy for everyone, and your local propane supplier can help you assess your energy needs for your home or business. They can also answer any questions about what makes propane so affordable, reliable, and versatile. Enter your zip code to find suppliers near you.

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Where can I buy propane appliances? offers shopping guides for grills and patio heaters or contact your local propane supplier for suggestions nearby. Some propane suppliers offer appliance showrooms featuring everything from space and water heaters to kitchen appliances and fireplaces.

What do I do when my portable propane tank is empty?

When the propane tank you use for grilling or other outdoor appliances is empty, drop it off and purchase a full tank at one of thousands of tank exchanges nationwide. You’ll find them everywhere from hardware and rental stores to grocers, convenience stores, and gas stations. In addition, there are many propane cylinder refilling locations available across the country. Contact your local propane supplier for more information on refilling or exchanging cylinders.

Where can I find someone to service my propane appliances?

Your local propane supplier is an excellent source of information for things like propane appliance servicing and repairs. Contact them with your questions about servicing, repairing, or replacing propane appliances.