Construction equipment


Small portable and large towable propane generators provide convenient and trustworthy power for construction crews working on sites not yet connected to the power grid. Approved for use outdoors, these generators provide on-the-go power without the tradeoffs of gasoline. Towable generators, available in sizes ranging up to 450 kVA, can be fueled by an onboard or external propane tank and are designed for prime applications.

Propane-fueled floor care equipment can be used without cords and provides a long working time between refills. Photo credit: Sunbelt Rentals.


Solar hybrid light towers offer long-lasting jobsite lighting with onboard propane generator backup, ensuring the lights stay on even when the photovoltaic panel isn’t charging. They can offer significant operational savings over diesel models: about $5,800 a year for a unit operating 70 hours per week.


Floor burnishers, polishers, and strippers are available with propane engines, providing cordless operation and long working time between refills. The equipment uses an emissions monitoring system that shuts down the engine if oxygen levels in the exhaust surpass preset limits. Recently, manufacturers have introduced new propane grinders that are ready to run right off the truck, with no electrician or setup time needed. New power trowels in propane models allow these powerful machines to be used on indoor projects, offering the potential to vastly boost productivity.


A variety of warehouses around the United States already use propane-powered forklifts for their performance benefits, and because they can run indoors, they’re also useful on construction sites after the building is enclosed. Unlike electric products, propane forklifts and scissor lifts don’t lose power throughout the work day and don’t require hours of charging to get back to work. Just switch out the propane cylinder and you’re back to work.

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