Reduce NOx emissions 36%

Propane vs diesel light-duty trucks



Reducing the most emissions

If your goal is reduced NOx and greenhouse gas emissions in your community, propane autogas vehicles will get you there. They produce up to 22 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline, and up to 36 percent fewer NOx emissions than diesel vehicles. Fleets with propane autogas vehicles also report that drivers like driving cleaner vehicles that don’t leave them smelling like gasoline or diesel exhaust. Green-minded taxpayers also appreciate fewer climate-changing emissions being produced in their neighborhoods.

at the best cost

Best of all, you can incorporate clean propane autogas vehicles into your government fleets in a fiscally responsible way. Compared with other fuels, it reduces the most emissions for the lowest total cost-of-ownership. The vehicles are also typically less expensive to purchase than electric and CNG vehicles. So you can feel good about incorporating cleaner vehicles into your fleet with the knowledge you’re using taxpayer money sensibly.

Calculate your NOx Reductions

Now you can calculate how much NOx your fleet could reduce by switching to propane autogas. The most accurate tool to use is the AFLEET HDV Emissions Calculator. Compared with the EPA’s Diesel Emissions Quantifier tool, the AFLEET calculator:

  • Provides more detail and user definitions.
  • Integrates state-specific alternative fuel engine data, idle rates, and emissions factors (instead of using national levels).
  • Accounts for in-use NOx emissions.


Where to Learn More

Take a deeper dive into the benefits and refueling options of propane autogas.