WASHINGTON (July 21, 2021) – The Propane Education & Research Council is offering a new webinar as part of its “Propane Presents Technology Series” that will address propane’s role in the national energy conversation and its ability to exceed environmental standards. The webinar will take place at 1 p.m. CST on Thursday, July 22.

PERC will share how its updated brand identity, PROPANE Energy for Everyone™, aims to highlight propane’s role in ensuring energy equity and reducing carbon emissions — and ultimately, better position propane in the environmental and energy landscape. Additionally, attendees will hear how companies like Roush CleanTech, Evergreen Power, and Navien are helping to accelerate decarbonization with clean and renewable energy.

“Sustainable solutions are at the center of the national energy conversation right now, and we know that propane has a compelling argument when it comes to environmental impact, health, and equity,” said Tucker Perkins, president and CEO at PERC. “This webinar will update the industry on everything we are doing to make sure propane continues to have a seat at the table.”

PERC’s “Propane Presents Technology Series” focuses on new and emerging propane technologies, education, and best practices to approach the ideal customer. Hosted and facilitated by PERC, in partnership with various OEMs, the series aims to showcase various propane products across multiple markets, answer questions directly from the industry and end users, and provide relevant resources and training information.

To learn more about the environmental benefits of propane, visit Propane.com. Click here to register for the webinar with Roush CleanTech, Evergreen Power, and Navien.

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Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)

Authorized by the U.S. Congress in 1996, PERC is a Washington, D.C.-based not-for-profit charged with leading propane safety and training programs. With collaboration and funds from the propane industry, the organization also invests in research and innovation for propane applications in the transportation, agriculture, power, residential, and commercial construction sectors.

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