The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) encourages producers to talk to their marketers now and consider filling tanks early to prepare for propane demands ahead of the harvest season.

To simplify the planning process, PERC has created a tool to help producers estimate the number of propane gallons needed ahead of each season. Using just three simple data points, this

Grain Drying Calculator allows users to estimate the amount of propane an operation will require, making it easier to prepare for propane needs.

Users of the calculator simply input their average expected yield to determine the number of propane gallons needed to dry their crops by a specific moisture percentage. From there, PERC’s tool will calculate approximately how many gallons of propane will be needed.

“For producers who haven’t already filled their tanks, now is a great time to make those arrangements and prepare not only for harvest grain drying needs but winter heating needs as well,” said Mike Newland, director of agriculture business development at PERC. “Because propane does not deteriorate over time, we also recommend looking into additional on-site storage for continuous access to the power needed to keep operations running smoothly throughout the harvest and winter seasons and beyond.”

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