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WASHINGTON (November 30, 2018) — The Propane Education & Research Council has added three new videos to its popular Straight Talk video series, an online library of video testimonials that let viewers learn about propane mowers directly from the fleet managers, operators, and maintenance technicians that operate them every day.

Available for free at, the three new videos include a municipality cutting fuel costs during its year-round cutting season in the southeast U.S., and a commercial landscape contractor enjoying reduced emissions and increased productivity by operating propane mowers and propane autogas light-duty trucks.

“Propane mowers increase an operation’s productivity while reducing fuel costs and maintenance needs in public and private applications,” said Jeremy Wishart, director of off-road business development at PERC. “These videos allow landscape contractors to hear directly from their peers who are already improving their businesses with propane equipment.”

Fleets included in the video series are:

Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department

Miami-Dade County needed an equipment solution that could meet the needs of southeast Florida’s year-round cutting season. With propane mowers, crews can get mowing done faster and move on to other aspects of the county’s landscaping duties, and costs were reduced for fuel and maintenance.

Rotolo Consultants, Inc.

After working with John Deere to participate in a research and development project with propane mowers in 2011, Rotolo Consultants, Inc. found that the propane mowers exceeded expectations in terms of operations, maintenance, and dependability. Now, the company runs nearly 100 of its mowers on propane, as well as uses just under 100 propane autogas trucks to transport equipment to sites in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Bozeman Site Services

Bozeman Site Services in Montana switched its Scag ride-on mowers to propane in 2014 to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Along with cutting emissions, the company observed reduced costs and improved crew efficiency and morale with the propane mowers. Customers now call Bozeman specifically because of its lower-emission propane mowers.

View the new Straight Talk videos or visit to learn more about how landscape contractors can benefit from using propane equipment. Municipal fleet managers can also visit PERC’s municipal landing page for ways that propane can benefit communities, schools, and parks.


Propane Education & Research Council: The Propane Education & Research Council is a nonprofit established, operated, and funded by the propane industry. PERC leads safety and training efforts and drives technology development to expand the adoption of propane as a clean, domestic, and affordable energy source. PERC programs benefit a variety of markets including transportation, agriculture, landscaping, residential, and commercial. For more information about propane-powered technologies, equipment incentives, and PERC, visit