The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) announces the launch of its Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program, a nationwide research initiative designed to encourage the adoption of new energy-efficient propane-fueled products by business owners.

Participants can receive $1,500 toward the purchase of premium generator sets, including the Kohler 6VSG and Generac EcoGen 6 kW, in exchange for reporting performance data on equipment to PERC. Businesses can apply for up to two qualifying products. Feedback will be used to supplement future product development and research.

“Propane is a clean-burning, American-made fuel that can help telecom business owners experience the advantages of propane,” Bridget Scanlon, director of residential and commercial programs at PERC, said. “The Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program lowers the initial purchase cost for premium propane-fueled generators, such as the Kohler 6VSG and Generac EcoGen, enabling more telecom business owners to include propane in their consideration set.”

The Kohler 6VSG is designed to efficiently charge battery banks in renewable energy and other off-grid systems. The unit provides consistent DC output without inefficient conversions for alternating current. The Kohler 6VSG also maintains batteries without the need for an expensive converter or monitoring equipment. The Generac EcoGen is the first automatic standby generator to be warrantied for off-grid residential and commercial applications in conjunction with an alternative-energy system. In addition to being the quietest generator solution on the market, the EcoGen boasts a 500-hour maintenance interval-five times greater than the industry standard.

The Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program also offers $5,000 toward the Marathon Ecopower and Yanmar CP5WN micro-combined heat and systems, $10,000 for the Yanmar CP10WN system, and $5,000 toward the Temp-Air Thermal Remediation pest control system.

To learn more about the Propane Heat & Power Incentive Program, qualifying products, or to apply, visit