WASHINGTON (February 11, 2020) – The Propane Education & Research Council’s Propane Training Academy has a new online course available that examines energy options and the role of propane in off-grid homes.

Many builders are familiar with propane for on-grid applications, especially in markets that have planned outages. But propane also thrives in off-grid homes. Energy systems in an off-grid home differ significantly from those used in most grid-connected homes and typically incorporate different energy options like renewables, battery storage, and back-up generators. And the selection of appliances and other energy-consuming devices in off-grid homes is a detailed process that relies on energy efficiency, non-electric alternatives for thermal loads, and careful design of a home’s building envelope.

The new course from PERC discusses all of these off-grid home considerations.

“Off-grid living is a trend that’s gaining traction across the country and we want people to know that propane can be a go-to energy solution for many of these homes,” said Bryan Cordill, director of residential and commercial business development at PERC. “Propane-powered appliances are more energy efficient, have a smaller carbon footprint, and can operate with little to no electricity — all of which is crucial for off-grid homes.”

The free online course, Energy Options for Off-Grid Homes – The Role of Propane in Off-Grid Designs, will count for one hour of continuing education credits from the American Institute of Architects, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, the National Association of Home Builders, and the U.S. Green Building Council.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the concept of off-grid homes and the implications for energy supplies and building technologies.
  • Assess the options available for renewable energy generation, energy storage, and back-up power generators.
  • Evaluate the role of off-grid generators and their key operating characteristics.
  • Explain how building design and appliance selections are a critical part of a successful off-grid home design.

To access the library of online courses, participants must first register for free to become a member of the Propane Training Academy. For more information on propane’s role in off-grid living, visit Propane.com/Residential-Construction.


About PERC: The Propane Education & Research Council is a nonprofit that provides leading propane safety and training programs and invests in research and development of new propane-powered technologies. PERC is operated and funded by the propane industry. For more information, visit Propane.com.

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