A new line of Kohler mobile generators launched this month will feature four propane-fueled models developed in cooperation with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), including one with an innovative, on-board LP tank.

Kohler’s propane-fueled mobile generator, model 125REZGT, can operate on fuel from its on-board tank for approximately 24 hours. The 125REZGT also features an external LP gas connection that allows for extended usage when a dedicated, on-site propane fuel source is available.

Today, more homes, businesses, and roadways are being built to stringent environmental standards, and propane-fueled equipment can help construction professionals meet their sustainability goals, according to Bridget Kidd, PERC’s director of residential and commercial programs.

“Developers, builders, and contractors can use propane technology to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability throughout the construction process and beyond,” Kidd said. “Simply by integrating propane-fueled equipment like Kohler’s new mobile generators into their daily operations, construction professionals can help ensure a cleaner environment without sacrificing power or performance.”

Because propane burns cleaner than other fuels, Kohler’s propane-fueled mobile generators produce fewer emissions, resulting in fewer toxins and less smog. As a result, construction crew members can enjoy improved air quality on the job site.

Fuel spills that can happen when refueling jobsite equipment can potentially contaminate the surrounding soil. In fact, as little as one gallon of spilled gasoline can quickly contaminate groundwater above drinking water health advisory levels. However, that’s not a problem when fueling Kohler’s propane-powered generators. At atmospheric pressure, the non-toxic propane used to fuel these generators vaporizes, virtually eliminating the risk of spillage.

While the benefits of these propane-fueled generators speak for themselves, PERC is also making them more affordable through its Heat & Power Incentive Program, a nationwide research initiative designed to encourage construction professionals, businesses and homeowners to adopt new, energy-efficient, propane-fueled products. Rental store owners and construction professionals who purchase any of the four qualifying Kohler propane-fueled models are eligible to receive incentives ranging from $1,000 to $8,500 in exchange for reporting their feedback to PERC. Learn more at buildwithpropane.com.

“In the future, PERC’s goals include helping more manufacturers bring other types of propane-fueled construction equipment to market,” Kidd added. “By working together, we can develop clean, efficient, high-quality equipment that offers top performance with less environmental impact.”