Interested in ideas to extend the use and ambiance of outdoor space in a way that separates your business from others?

Popular propane amenities provide both functional and decorative opportunities to set your business apart. Whether looking to increase the usable footprint of your facility, maximize the curb appeal of your front entrance, or convert a patio into a year-round amenity, propane offers productive solutions.

Unlike natural gas or electricity, propane provides portability and flexibility to allow businesses to quickly adapt their outdoor spaces to changing needs. Fire pits, lighting and heaters all run on small five to 20-pound propane tanks placed discretely inside so they are easily moved to wherever people gather. On-demand performance is conveniently controlled by switches, remote controls, thermostats, timers of photo-sensors, as needed.

Your customers, staff and work colleagues also will appreciate that you’ve chosen a clean, American-made fuel to avoid the smoke and health risks associated with wood burning units.

Download a fact sheet for a full list of outdoor amenities and their benefits for your business.