The earlier you bring your propane supplier into your next propane home project, the better.

In fact, the best time to talk with your propane supplier is during the planning stages. Your propane supplier is an excellent resource and by letting them know you’ll be using propane-powered appliances, they can help ensure your project starts off on the right foot.

Your propane supplier can help you:

  • Research propane appliances to help you choose the perfect high-performance, high-efficiency models to meet your family’s needs.
  • Select what size propane tank you’ll need, and whether to lease or buy.
  • Determine the best placement on your property for the tank.
  • Choose above- or below-ground tank installation.
  • Set up a payment and refilling plan.

Whether helping with planning, appliances, or installation, you can trust your propane supplier to help transform your new house into your dream home. Find your local propane supplier at