If you need a reminder that heroes are among us, look no further than Greenville, S.C., where one seventh-grader successfully petitioned his school for a clean energy bus to transport special education students.

Jack Kendrick was recently presented with the Clean Energy Hero Award, along with a $1,000 donation by the Propane Education & Research Council to benefit the school’s science programs.

Greenville, South Carolina School Bus Event

“Jack’s love of buses, and specifically propane buses, has struck a chord with all of us,” said Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of the Propane Council. “He is an unsung hero who’s fighting for an environmentally friendly ride to school not because he wants notoriety, but because he cares about his classmates and his community. He embodies what we want in our first-ever recipient of this prestigious award, and we are honored to celebrate him.”

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