As you prepare to watch the Big Game this weekend, how savvy are you about each team’s odds? What do you know about their coaches, players, and past performances so you can anticipate the big plays?

You’ll have to watch the pre-game show to find out. But did you know, it’s broadcast live to your living room with the help of propane?

Typically, pre-game football shows are hosted at a mini studio in the parking lot where crews don’t have utility power, so they rely on propane portable generators to power the television production equipment and lighting for commentators to carry out the show.

This Sunday, organizers at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif., will depend on the propane-powered JuiceBox from Evergreen Mobile Power for stadium security during the Big Game.

The JuiceBox works by using propane to produce on-site electric power in a clean, quiet, and safe way.

“Security check points need a power source that won’t fail, even in frigid temperatures,” says Joe Calhoun, director of off-road business development at the Propane Education & Research Council. “Propane offers the consistent reliability needed to keep these security check points running smoothly—regardless of weather or location—while also offering enhanced safety due to lower emissions, reduced noise, and limited cords. When you’re paying thousands of dollars to see a championship game, who wants the thrum and haze of diesel?”

So, whether you’re watching on your couch or at the stadium, propane is helping make the festivities run smoothly.

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