Many public and private vehicle fleets are reducing costs and improving operations by switching to propane autogas vehicles. In addition to providing the lowest total cost-of-ownership of any fuel, there are a variety of reasons fleet owners and managers are gravitating to the alternative fuel to meet their fleet vehicle needs.

What will be the reason your fleet makes the move to propane autogas?

Making refueling easy.

With propane autogas, several convenient refueling infrastructure solutions are available and scalable to grow along with your fleet. That means you get a tailored refueling strategy that meets your fleet’s specific needs. Quick-Connect nozzles, which mimic the refueling experience with gasoline nozzles, make the process even easier — drivers just click in the nozzle, refuel, and go. It’s that easy.

A clean fuel.

Help your employees, customers, and community at large feel good about what you do. With propane autogas, you have the power to cut the harmful emissions like NOx and greenhouse gas emissions compared with diesel and gasoline. New propane autogas engines are up to 90 percent cleaner than any standards mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The proven alternative fuel.

Propane autogas has been a fuel solution for light- and medium-duty vehicles and buses for decades. These vehicles feature a proven technology that’s trusted by fleets across the U.S.

More uptime.

While diesel engines spend valuable time in the shop for repairs on complex emissions systems, propane autogas vehicles keep your business running with reliable operation.

American-made fuel.

By using propane autogas, you’re also supporting our country’s economy — nearly 90 percent of propane supplies are produced in the U.S.

See for yourself all the reasons fleets are making the switch to propane autogas vehicles.