Propane-powered farm equipment is already known for being cost-saving, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly. Now, add the 2019 Propane Farm Incentive Program and farmers can save even more on their purchase.

From 2016 to 2018, the Propane Farm Incentive Program has contributed nearly $355,000 toward the purchase of 134 pieces of equipment now hard at work on American farms across the country.

Sponsored by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), the Propane Farm Incentive Program is a research program that provides a financial incentive up to $5,000 toward the purchase of new propane-powered farm equipment. In exchange, participants agree to share real-world performance data with PERC.

Eligible equipment includes irrigation engines, generators, water heating systems, building heating systems, and flame weed control systems.


Step 1: Fill out the online PFIP Application.

Step 2: Once you’re approved to take part in the program, you’ll receive a link via email to a webpage with: the Program Guidelines, the Contact Form/Contract and a W-9 Form, and a Pre-season Survey.

Step 3: After downloading and completing all the forms, send them to PERC, along with proof of purchase (including serial numbers) for all qualifying equipment.

Step 4: In about 30 days, PERC will send you your incentive payment.

Step 5: Watch your inbox at the end of the season for a second survey. You must complete this post-season survey to be eligible for future incentives.

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